These are the ponderings, personal treasures, and memories that sailing has bestowed upon us.

The Speed of Sail - Does It Matter How Fast You Go?
The Secret to Having it All
Quirks and Perks of Sailing with my All-Female Crew
The Pleasures of a Night on the Hook
Back on the Water Again
How to Tell if you've Arrived at the Port of Mid-Life Crisis
What Racing Taught Me about Sailing
Favorites from an Armchair Navigator - Top 3 Nautical Features in Google Earth
Summer School on Lake Michigan
Butterflies and Cruising Memories
Moms are a Safe Harbor
Under the Sea
The Lure of March
Voice of Reason
One Particular Harbor
A Beacon in the Night
The Fallout from Haul Out
Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On
You Know You're a Cruiser When...
The Good Life
Bermuda Bound on the Duchess of Devonshire (Guest post by Ted Brewer)
Water Wanderlust and a Cruiser's Soul
Launch Day (poem)
Captain Dad
What's in a Name? (My thoughts on boat names)
Keppler-22b, Extrasolar Sailing, and the Mind of a Child
Sweet Sunny Sleep
What's Your Destination?
The Simple Power of Water
What's Your Net Worth?
Trying to Reason with Blizzard Season
Awakening from a Cruiser's Dream
Welcome the Wind
From Great Lakes to Great Escapes: Live Free (Guest Post)
Sailing Dreams...Winterizing the Soul
Why I Sail
Winter Along Lake Michigan
Sails to Steam
Halfway to Spring
The Years Thunder By
A Common Theme
Winter's Halftime
Oh What a Summer!

Below is a list of sailing news stories, events, and editorial pieces I've written regarding current topics in sailing:

A Circumnavigation with Two Girls and a Tree Named Makeba
Reality TV, Sailing Style: Best Cruising Video Series
Best Sailing Blogs of 2014
An Interview w/ Andy Schell from 59 North (Offshore sailing related)
1 Million...What a View!
A Great Freeze in the Great Lakes
Best Sailing Blogs of 2013
An Artist of Words, Wind and Women (Interview w/ Webb Chiles)
A Backstage Pass to the Sailing Podcast (Interview w/ David Anderson)
Remembering a November Gale - 100 Years Later
From Island Bound to Bearly A-Wake
Lions, Tigers, and Amphibear? Oh My!
The Longest Reach
Blind Sailing and a Wake Up Call
Low Tide on the Inland Seas
Strictly Sail Chicago: 2013 Edition
The Best Sailing Blogs of 2012
Racing Towards Insanity: The Vendee Globe
History and Mystery Underwater
A Whale of a Tale to Tell
Stepping Up on My Oceanic Soapbox
Tragedy at Sea: Triple Stars and the 2011 NARC
Around the Americas
New Crew!
An Incredibly Normal Trip Around the World
Top Ten Most Inspirational Sailors
Strictly Sail Chicago (2010)
The Christmas Tree Ship
Ghosts of the Great Lakes
Racing Around the World
The Nation of the Sea Mourns
Pere Marquette...River and Missionary
Mishigami...Geat Water Indeed!
Grand River Sailing Club 8+8 Rally
Queen's Cup (South Shore Yacht Club)

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