These are the ponderings, personal treasures, and memories that sailing has bestowed upon us.

The Speed of Sail - Does It Matter How Fast You Go?

The Secret to Having it All

Quirks and Perks of Sailing with my All-Female Crew

The Pleasures of a Night on the Hook

Back on the Water Again

How to Tell if you've Arrived at the Port of Mid-Life Crisis

What Racing Taught Me about Sailing

Favorites from an Armchair Navigator - Top 3 Nautical Features in Google Earth

Summer School on Lake Michigan

Butterflies and Cruising Memories

Moms are a Safe Harbor

Under the Sea

The Lure of March

Voice of Reason

One Particular Harbor

A Beacon in the Night


The Fallout from Haul Out

Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On

You Know You're a Cruiser When...

The Good Life

Bermuda Bound on the Duchess of Devonshire (Guest post by Ted Brewer)

Water Wanderlust and a Cruiser's Soul

Launch Day (poem)

Captain Dad

What's in a Name? (My thoughts on boat names)

Keppler-22b, Extrasolar Sailing, and the Mind of a Child

Sweet Sunny Sleep

What's Your Destination?

The Simple Power of Water

What's Your Net Worth?

Trying to Reason with Blizzard Season

Awakening from a Cruiser's Dream

Welcome the Wind

From Great Lakes to Great Escapes: Live Free (Guest Post)

Sailing Dreams...Winterizing the Soul

Why I Sail

Winter Along Lake Michigan

Sails to Steam

Halfway to Spring

The Years Thunder By

A Common Theme

Winter's Halftime

Oh What a Summer!