New Crew!

I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus over the last week.  But I promise I have a legitimate reason.  The crew of s/v Island Bound just increased by one member (5lbs 15oz to be exact!).  Our third beautiful daughter was born on March 1st and will step in as "deckhand in training" this coming sailing season. Unlike many sailboats, she didn't come with a name so we gave her one: Soleil Saylor Walters.  With a middle name of Saylor, little Soleil (pronounced "so-lay") should fit right in.  
Looks like we're gonna need one of these: 
I think this poem by our oldest daughter Hannah (first mate aboard s/v Island Bound) makes the perfect conclusion for this "New Crew" post.

Soleil, by Hannah Walters

small, cute
eating, sleeping, cooing
Soleil is my new cute baby sister
crying, rolling, gazing
gentle, soft


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