One Particular Harbor

"And there's this one particular harbor, sheltered from the wind
Where the children play on the shore each day, and all is safe within
A most mysterious calling harbor, so far but yet so near
I can see the day when my hair's full of gray and I finally disappear"
-Jimmy Buffett from One Particular Harbor
Playing on the shore in the cozy harbor at South Benjamin Island
We all have "one particular harbor" where we go to get away from it all, where all is safe within; a place of peace and comfort. Some of us only ever physically visit that one particular harbor a single time, but revisit often in spirit. Some are blessed to live life in the shelter of their one particular harbor for as long as they please. Others must share time away from the harbor, but find a relaxing sigh in the memory of a past visit or a smile in planning the next.

For me, a tiny little gunkhole on the south side of South Benjamin Island in Lake Huron's North Channel currently holds the title of best sailing location and is the "One Particular Harbor" in my heart. While entering this little rocky retreat is a bit tricky, particularly if the wind is up, the rewards inside are infinite. [This spot ranks as my "Best North Channel Anchorage" in a previous post] The wind is shadowed from just about any direction and iron rings in the surrounding rocks help hold the boat nearly still. The clear water makes snorkeling, swimming, and jumping in irresistible. 

South Benjamin Island, Lake Huron
But what makes this place so special for me is the fun we had exploring as a family and feeling a connection to the wind, rocks, and water like Native Americans and early explorers must have had when they first scrambled ashore on these giant pink boulders. We followed a bullfrog (appropriately named "Lonely" by the girls) as it hopped from puddle to puddle among the crevices. We cooked our meals and enjoyed evening campfires in a natural granite grill pit. We hiked, journaled, and napped each day. We wrestled with the freedom provided by this isolation and the connectedness that our lives on land at home had us accustomed to. This kind of quarreling is good for the soul of both the young and old. I grew and learned from watching my children explore their surroundings and their personalities. Sometimes I anchor my mind in this harbor during the depth of winter, ignoring the reality of ice covered water and snow-cloaked pines to recall the warmth of summer sunsets and family songs sung to the moon. 

Where's your one particular harbor? 

All is Safe Within by K. Walters
Lonely by K. Walters 
A Mysterious Calling Harbor by K. Walters


  1. Great post - such a lovely description of why this particular harbor is so important to you. Love that the girls named the bullfrog "Lonely" - so cute! Cheers - Ellen


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