Launch Day

The day has come, the season is here;
Boatyards are bustling, winter covers disappear.

Just enough time for wax and paint;
Soon there will be trips to places far and quaint.

But first, there's oil to be changed;
There's storage and gear to be rearranged.

Don't forget to check batteries, plugs, and seacocks;
Sand out, dry and fill those blistering pox.

Bring aboard canvas, cushions, and sails;
Soon water will be rushing past the rails.

Diesel smoke, clackety-clack and more loud sound;
The travel lift is on its' way to awaken s/v Island Bound.

Up she rises, off the jack stands in a flash;
To the launch basin and finally...SPLASH!

Launch Day 2012: I couldn't be happier!


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