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Picture This: Perfect Poetry

Happiness is... By Isabel Walters Happiness is sailing on my sailboat as the cool wind touches my skin. My boat heels to the left as it sails smoothly throo the water.

The Fallout from Haul Out

The Fallout from Haul Out  by K. Walters The day has come (again), the season is escaping; Boatyards are bustling, hulls need scraping. The sun sets sooner, the air grows cold; There are sails to furl, clean and fold. Leaves fall to the water, gales begin to blow; Time to offload, clean, repair, and sew. Flush, fill and drain to winterize; Close her up tight and release long sighs. Summer is short, winter so long; Sailing thoughts play inside me like a song. There are warm memories now to reap; Our favorite little ship   is ready to sleep.

Launch Day

The day has come, the season is here; Boatyards are bustling, winter covers disappear. Just enough time for wax and paint; Soon there will be trips to places far and quaint. But first, there's oil to be changed; There's storage and gear to be rearranged. Don't forget to check batteries, plugs, and seacocks; Sand out, dry and fill those blistering pox. Bring aboard canvas, cushions, and sails; Soon water will be rushing past the rails. Diesel smoke, clackety-clack and more loud sound; The travel lift is on its' way to awaken s/v Island Bound . Up she rises, off the jack stands in a flash; To the launch basin and finally...SPLASH! Launch Day 2012: I couldn't be happier!