Sailing Stories

The following is a collection of our published sailing stories and articles that have appeared in various sailing magazines and websites.

Summer School on Lake Michigan (BoatUS Magazine, April/May 2013)

Weekend Cruising Destinations: Beaver Island (SAIL Magazine, March 2012)

Weekend Cruising Destinations: South Manitou Island (SAIL Magazine, July 2011)

The Fine Art of Gunkholing (SAIL Magazine, March 2011)

A Cruise Feeds the Soul (Good Old Boat Magazine, Nov./Dec. 2011)

Quick Tips for Sailboat Restoration (Good Old Boat Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2012)

Up The Mast (Latitudes & Attitudes Seafaring Magazine, June 2011)

Oh Beautiful Bilge! (Latitudes & Attitudes Seafaring Magazine, April 2008)

A Beacon of Light (BoatUS Magazine, April/May 2013)

New Habitat for Lakes' Largest Fish (BoatUS Magazine, April/May 2013) - Scroll down the link to find the story

Great Lakes Water Still Down (BoatUS Magazine, February/March 2013) - Scroll down the link to find the story

Newly Salted: An Interview With A Cruiser

Review of some California Fisheries for 2001: Nearshore Live-Fish (CalCOFI Report 43:13-30, 2002)

Bay Shrimp Status Report (from the book "California's Living Marine Resources, 2001)

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