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Boaters and Floafers - Do They Pair Well Together?

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci I like simple, clean design.  Cluttering something up with impractical features, trendy style elements, or technology for technology's sake usually isn't my way. So when I first saw a pair of Floafers show up in my Instagram feed ( @sailfarlivefree ), I thought to myself "Now there's a simple shoe that might just be perfect onboard the boat."  I also have to admit "Floafer" has a certain ring to it and is fun to say.  A floating loafer seems like a natural fit for a boating shoe. Floafers says their brand brings fashion full circle by reincarnating functional footwear combined with modern day classic designs like the driving loafer. Created for the fashion savvy, outdoor loving, recreational consumer it was designed to fill a void created by the lack of enthusiasm for the outdated EVA market.  So basically, they seem to be aiming for a more stylish alternative to the orig

Soft Science Boat Shoe Review: The Fin

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." -Martin Luther King, Jr. I began my review of " The Fin " shoes from SoftScience on Martin Luther King Day, and since SoftScience strives for ultimate comfort, I thought the quote was fitting. Are your knees and faith shaken when you're challenged, or are you on solid ground? But on with the review... First, let me say that these shoes are different. They look different - like a Sperry/Crocs hybrid. They feel different - like a soft but supportive slipper. But I suppose the look shouldn't come as surprise once you learn who's behind SoftScience. The top two SoftScience executives have deep connections to Crocs. Scott Seamans is the Crocs founder and former chief designer while John Duerden is Croc's former CEO. Their goal at SoftScience was to create shoes that provide ultimate comfort

Something Different for a Sailor's Feet - Keen Uneek Review

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." -Margaret Mead A good shoe for sailing has a few unique ingredients - good grip, toe protection and waterproofing or quick drainage. Add to that some degree of comfort, durability and style for gracing the marina and you've got a winner. Keen has taken two cords and a sole and turned them into a really fantastic sandal that's versatile enough for the deck or the trail.  Aptly named the Keen Uneek , these new sandals check all the boxes by providing wet deck grip from the non-marking rubber outsole's razor siping, a degree of toe protection courtesy of the hand braided cord and fast draining and drying due to the microfiber footbed. What was unexpected was just how comfortable the Uneeks are on my feet. The polyester braided cord is form fitting and flexible enough that there are no pressure points anywhere yet the fit is still secure and stable. Now that I've had a chance to w

Deck Shoes or Dive Boots? Zhik ZK Boatshoe Review

If you're at all familiar with footwear for sailing from Zhik , their line of boots probably comes to mind first. But they also make a couple styles of deck shoes. I've recently been trying out the Zhik ZK Boatshoe and have to say, so far I'm impressed. The look of the ZK Boatshoe is fairly traditional (think Sperry Topsider/Sebago Docksides), but the build and materials are unique. Instead of canvas or leather, Zhik uses perforated neoprene for the uppers. The neoprene gives a snug and spongey feel and holds your foot firmly in place over the sole, but the upper stretches and contorts to your movements. I know that sounds strange, but it's actually really comfortable. The "ZK sole" uses a proprietary rubber formula to give excellent grip in wet conditions. It's a sticky sort of feel and is really reassuring on fiberglass and smooth surfaces. I'm not sure how long they'll stay sticky, particularly if I continue wearing them on the dock and o

Roses are red, boat shoes are blue...

...We like them and think you will too! Check out these new women's Felucca Lace shoes from Sebago .  Nautical, don't ya think?  Ok, so I won't even pretend to have the good tastes to make a blog post about fashion, but I will pass these along as a recommendation for a Valentine's gift to the sailing female in your life. Here's what you need to know: The leather is VERY soft. The stitching is built to last (These might even hold up on a man's foot, just sayin'!). They run about a half size large, so order small if you want a pair. The soles are of the non-marking slip-resistant variety. They come in a variety of fun and funky colors, so no excuses for having the same look as someone else on your dock or deck! Get 'em here on Amazon from $35-$95 , depending on price and color. >> Don't forget to visit SFLF's Gear Review page for more sailing gear reviews/tests. <<

Stand Firm - More Sailing Shoe Reviews

"Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm." -Abraham Lincoln When the art of sailing gets technical, having a firm foothold on the deck is critical. If you've ever had to go forward to release a snagged jib sheet or tie in a reef when the seas are snotty, then you understand the importance of being able to stand firm in the most literal sense. I have a hard time narrowing my shoe choices when it's time to set sail for a cruise. Sometimes I like a shoe because of how it looks, sometimes because of how it feels, and other times because of how it performs. Occasionally there's a pair of shoes that checks all three boxes. Today I'm going give you the lowdown on four relatively new sailing shoes and see if any are the right place for a sailor's feet. [ Check here for for a couple of the sailing shoe reviews I've done in the past]. XTRATUF Finatic : First up is a pair of modest deck/dock shoes from a company that's known