Something Different for a Sailor's Feet - Keen Uneek Review

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." -Margaret Mead

A good shoe for sailing has a few unique ingredients - good grip, toe protection and waterproofing or quick drainage. Add to that some degree of comfort, durability and style for gracing the marina and you've got a winner. Keen has taken two cords and a sole and turned them into a really fantastic sandal that's versatile enough for the deck or the trail.  Aptly named the Keen Uneek, these new sandals check all the boxes by providing wet deck grip from the non-marking rubber outsole's razor siping, a degree of toe protection courtesy of the hand braided cord and fast draining and drying due to the microfiber footbed.

What was unexpected was just how comfortable the Uneeks are on my feet. The polyester braided cord is form fitting and flexible enough that there are no pressure points anywhere yet the fit is still secure and stable. Now that I've had a chance to wear them on the sailboat for a weekend, I can confirm that the grip on deck is quite good. I also appreciate just how airy they are since my feet tend to sweat in just about every shoe I wear without socks. I personally also really like the braided cord look, which comes in a variety of color options.

All in all, Uneeks are the un-sandal. Totally functional, unique and at home on a boat or beach.

Pros: Very comfortable, very airy, good grip
Cons: Minimal toe protection from cleats, etc.
Buy these shoes if: You need a sturdy sole with an airy and comfortable upper.

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