Boaters and Floafers - Do They Pair Well Together?

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

I like simple, clean design.  Cluttering something up with impractical features, trendy style elements, or technology for technology's sake usually isn't my way. So when I first saw a pair of Floafers show up in my Instagram feed (@sailfarlivefree), I thought to myself "Now there's a simple shoe that might just be perfect onboard the boat."  I also have to admit "Floafer" has a certain ring to it and is fun to say.  A floating loafer seems like a natural fit for a boating shoe.

Floafers says their brand brings fashion full circle by reincarnating functional footwear combined with modern day classic designs like the driving loafer. Created for the fashion savvy, outdoor loving, recreational consumer it was designed to fill a void created by the lack of enthusiasm for the outdated EVA market.  So basically, they seem to be aiming for a more stylish alternative to the original Crocs.

I've got a pair of their Country Club Driver in Asphalt Flame Orange that I've been wearing almost exclusively this week and have found them to be super comfortable.  The fit is slim, which is great for me, but might be tight in the forefoot and toes if you prefer wide shoes.  I also really appreciate the lightweight feel and ease of slipping them on, a "must have" in my list of boat shoes attributes.  Other boating friendly features include a non-marking sole, good ventilation, quick dry times, waterproof materials, and plenty of drain holes.  And oh yeah, they float!

If a floating foam loafer doesn't make enough of a statement for you while walking the dock, check out the Flamingo or Pineapple patterns available from Floafer.

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