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Awakening from a Cruiser's Dream

The following is a reprint of one my articles that was recently published in Good Old Boat magazine (November/December 2011 issue - Thanks Karen!).   I originally titled the article “Awakening from a Cruiser’s Dream”, but the editors went with “A Cruise Feeds the Soul”.   Some of you may have already read this article in the magazine, but it’s some of my most inspired and honest writing so I wanted to also share it here on my website. A CRUISE FEEDS THE SOUL By Kevin Walters The docklines are once again tied and my feet plod once more on solid ground.   My body is back in port, but I don’t know if my sailor’s soul will ever make it back to the dock.   Perfectly peaceful anchorage in Baie Fine, Ontario Before we left, I did my research.   I read all I could and talked to everyone who would share their experiences about the pros and cons of taking an extended cruise on a small sailboat.   Now that we’ve returned, I realize most weren’t honest about the most difficult part of cruis

A Cruising Sailor's Best of Lake Huron's North Channel: Part 4

Best Towns  (Part 4 of 5) The towns in the North Channel are typically small and isolated from larger population centers. This lends itself to a certain charm and quaintness. You won’t find Wal-Mart and Home Depot nor a Starbucks on every block, which means you might have to sometimes search and improvise to meet your needs. But typically cruisers are known for their ingenuity and self-sufficiency, so no worries! For Quaint Adventure: Kagawong, Manitoulin Island Kagawong is a small, out of the way stop deep inside of Mudge Bay on Manitoulin Island. Kagawong isn’t a major stop for provisioning. There’s a small market store across the street from the marina, but they carry very few groceries. If you want a bigger selection you’ll have to hoof it a mile or so up the hill on the way out of town and stop in at the gas station that carries a few more provisions such as milk, frozen meats, and canned goods. The point is, don’t come to Kagawong for provisioning. Come to Kagawong to visit

A Cruising Sailor's Best of Lake Huron's North Channel: Part 3

The North Channel's Best Marinas (Part 3 of 5) The North Channel is famous for its’ many beautiful, secluded anchorages, but not necessasarily its’ local marinas. With a shorter cruising season than most places, North Channel marinas are likely subjected to comparatively little income from transient and seasonal boaters. This subsequently translates to smaller marinas that are often very dated and in need of upgrades and repairs. In any case, there are still some marinas in the North Channel that are a cut above. Best Facilities: Sportsman’s Inn, Killarney The Sportsman’s Inn in Killarney is newly renovated with top-notch floating docks made of wood. The shorepower and water hook-ups are also all new as of 2009. Shoreside there is an adequate ship’s store with basic boating supplies, snacks, and souvenirs. The showers and bathroom facilities are also new and very nice with tongue and groove pine walls and ceilings. The Inn itself features a nice dining room as well as a pub

The Fine Art of Gunkholing

I spent some free time during this past off season writing about our adventures and experiences on our 3 month cruise in the North Channel.  Several of my musings are set to be published in an assortment of sailing magazines, but the first to hit the newstands is an article I wrote on gunkholing for SAIL Magazine.  The article was published in the March edition of SAIL, but the editors have now gotten around to posting the article on SAIL's website for those who don't get the print edition.  If you haven't read it, check it out below or by clicking through to original article from SAIL here: The Fine Art of Gunkholing by Kevin Walters From SAIL Magazine: The Fine Art of Gunkholing By Kevin Walters • Posted: Mar 10, 2011 July in Lake Huron’s North Channel is a special time. The cruising season is in full swing and what is normally a quiet wilderness area begins to come to life with cruisers looking for the perfect anchorage. Last year my family and I spent nearl

Summer Cruise 2010 Update: North Channel

The North Channel is a sailor's paradise on Lake Huron in the Canadian province of Ontario.  The channel is overflowing with picturesque islands, crystal clear blue waters and superb wilderness.  This cruising area should be on every Great Lakes sailor's short list of top destination.  We originally considered the North Channel as a destination when we hatched our plan for a 3 month summer cruise in 2010, but ruled it out because of the distance and isolation.  Distance and isolation in and of themselves make the North Channel appealing in many ways.  However, for us, having a 28 foot boat and two young daughters (ages 4 & 7) made the distance and isolation serious considerations.  After doing some research and speaking/emailing with several fellow cruisers and a few staunch North Channel advocates (thanks Rolland !), we've decided to again consider the North Channel for our 2010 itinerary. In addition to the previously mentioned research and conversations, we'