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Favorites from an Armchair Navigator - Top 3 Nautical Features in Google Earth

"Maps are an instant adventure for my mind." -Me I've always been captivated by maps and charts, which probably explains why I have no less than 4 chart plotter apps on my iPad at any given time. I can be laying in bed, or sitting at my desk gazing at a map and my mind will be somewhere on the other side of the world. I suppose to some people maps are just one dimensional lines on a paper, but to me they represent instant adventure and journey. While I still prefer tracing my finger along the latitude lines on a paper chart, the digital age has brought with it some pretty cool treasures for mapoholics. I can spend hours spinning the globe in Google Earth...Zooming in to the tiniest offshore islands I can find...Measuring the thousands of miles of open ocean between iconic landfalls...Examining the silouhettes of shallow reefs. Sometimes I run across really interesting features in an otherwise palette of deep blues. Take for example my 3 favorite nautical features fr