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Gear Review: Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler

As sailors, many of us are acutely attuned to energy conservation while onboard and away from the dock. In other words, we don't like running a generator or our engine to recharge batteries just to keep the refrigerator going if we can help it. And even if that's not your mentality, I'm sure you could still use some extra cold storage space as provided by quality cooler. This summer, we used Pelican's 20QT Elite Cooler  at the dock, on the dinghy and while sailing/cruising on a routine basis. This is one well-built and tough cooler. You'll get your first clue about those attributes when you pick it up because it's heavier (16 lbs empty) than you might expect for it's relatively modest dimensions. In fact, it weighs much more than standard Igloo and Coleman coolers that have twice the capacity and a quarter of the price. The benefit is that Pelican Elite coolers can stand up to harsh treatment and easily serve double duty as a bench/seat. But why are t

Hand-ee-Cleat and StrictlySail Ticket Giveaway

Have you ever come up to a dock that didn't have cleats in the places you wanted them? How about a piling without a convenient way to attach a fender? The Hand-ee-Cleat allows for custom temporary placement of a cleat around a piling or other locations. There are lots of other creative uses too, like using it as a gear hook, piling handhold or handle for carrying a SUP when wrapped around the board. The Hand-ee-Cleat is a fairly sizable cleat with a length of 11.25". It's made from glass-filled nylon with polypropylene webbing that uses quick-release buckles to wrap around objects up to 48" in diameter. I found it easy and quick to attach to the kid's swing set and a couple of trees around the house. While I haven't had a chance to try it out at the boat yet, the Hand-ee-Cleat is small enough that I'm sure it'll find its' way into our onboard cruising gear bin. The working load is rated at 650lbs, which is based on lab testing and is rat

Deck the Hulls - Gift Ideas for Sailing

It's holiday season and the message boards are starting to fill with threads about "gift ideas for sailors", so I thought I'd offer up some ideas of my own based on sailing gear we're currently using (or plan to use very soon!). Look for more detailed reviews for many of these products in the near future. Ronstan Quick-Lock Winch Handle : Perfect for the grinder in your family, these new winch handles from Ronstan feature a one hand grab-and-release mechanism that is...quick! They're available in 8" and 10" models with single grip or palm grip. I've got a 10" palm grip model that I'll be testing out early next year on our Catalina 34. I like the longest handle I can get for maximum leverage, but if the space around your winch is limited by a dodger or other hardware, consider the smaller 8" model. Carmanah M550 Marine Lantern : This new self-contained and solar powered marine LED lantern is rated for 1-3 nautical mi