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Aloha for your Feet: OluKai Footwear for Sailing

OluKai believes that everybody, no matter where they are, can live Aloha. Live "hello"? No, not exactly. The word "Aloha" goes far beyond just a greeting. The true deeper meaning is love, peace and compassion. A life of Aloha is one when the heart is so full it is overflowing with the ability to influence others around you with your spirit. Now you're educated about Hawaii's most popular word, but what about popular Hawaiian shoes for sailing? Shoes might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about sailing gear, but good grip and comfortable feet can make life on deck or the dock better. Here's two pair of OluKai's I've been trying out lately that I recommend for boat use: Holona ( "Sailing, Traveling" ) Non-marking molded rubber outsole with "traction pods" Built for the water: quick drying and water-resistant 100% synthetic, 0% animal products SFLF remarks: I love the low profile design but

A Sailor's Sole: The Sequel

Earlier this summer I reviewed several good options for sailing shoes in this post .  As it turns out, the variety of shoes suitable for sailing is just about as varied as the boats on which they may end up.  The following are a couple of sailing shoes I tried out during this past season and can recommend as good choices. Sperry SeaRacer GripX3 : I absolutely love this shoe. It's become my "go to" shoe for times when I want maximum grip, support, and comfort while on deck. The styling is admittedly avant-garde, with plenty of color and a funky geometric rubber pattern over the mesh body. They look edgy and get plenty of comments on the dock. But how do they function? Sperry uses terms like "Hyrdo-Grip Rubber" and "Adaptive Wave Siping" to describe the sole, while I'll just say they're a darn sticky shoe on a wet deck. The sipes don't look like traditional sipes, but they seem to channel water away effeciently. The drawstring laces, runni