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Picture This: Haulout Blues

Haulout Blues (Photo by K. Walters) Though below me I feel no motion Standing on these mountains and plains Far away from the rolling ocean Still my dry land heart can say I've been sailing all my life now Never harbor nor port have I known The wide universe is the ocean I travel And the Earth is my blue boat home (Lyrics from Blue Boat Home by Peter Mayer)

The Best Sailing Songs You've Never Heard

You know this voice, but do you know the ones below? Jimmy Buffett has made a fortune over the years singing his nautical rhymes that give voice to many a cruising sailor. You know (and perhaps love) all of his sailing songs like Son of a Sailor and A Pirate Looks at Forty . But what about those smaller grassroots artists who also express the passion and beauty of sailing through song? I've found several that have inspired me to Sail Far and Live Free. They've earned their megabytes on my iPod through well written lyrics and "feel good" melodies. If you're looking for new tunes to echo across the water this summer, check out the songs/artists below. FREE by Jack Maynard "Serendipity sat in the boat boneyard with a broken mast and a broken heart. I think it was fate or my destiny. Did I choose you or did you choose me? We wanted to sail on the wind and the sea, over the rails on a hard-a-lee, take it off, leave it off, play in the sun, set our sails f