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Andrew Bedwell and the Big C Atlantic Challenge

"From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow." - Aeschylus Have you seen the seed of a redwood tree?  The Aeschylus quote above embodies what many of us know in our minds but still sometimes find hard to believe with our eyes.  It was that way when I first heard about Andrew Bedwell's next big adventure and laid eyes upon his tiny sailboat.  There are plenty of sailors who have crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a wide variety of vessels, but none who have done so aboard a sailing vessel so diminutive as Bedwell's ironically named "Big C".  Ready for the specs?  Big C is just 39 inches long!  This is a boat that even my 10-year old daughter would find cramped, and yet Andrew Bedwell intends on sailing it from St. Johns, Newfoundland to Cornwall, England in May of 2023, and by so doing breaking the world record for the smallest vessel to sail across the Atlantic.   The ~1,900 mile record is currently held by American sailor Hugo Vihlen who completed the Atlantic cro

A New Home Port!

Notice anything new about the blog/website?  I started blogging back in 2007 on and fairly quickly moved over to Google's Blogger.  I can humbly say that the site has grown, matured, and increased in readership.  Now that my blog is nearly five years old, I thought it was a good time to freshen things up with a new look, layout, features and name. Let's start with the name.  Most of you will know that I have used "Sailing Island Bound" for several years, with Blogger's default domain name of .  Since the site has transformed into much more than just the chronicles of Island Bound's journeys, I've choosen a new name that reflects my own personal journey and hopefully inspires my readers...Sail Far, Live Free!  So now I've got my own domain/URL, which is .  Don't worry, your old bookmarks and links to the blogspot address will still work too, but updating is reco