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Three New Modern Cruising Sailboats Unlike Any Others

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." - Margaret Mead Sailors are often traditionalists and sailboats are often traditional in design. I'm perfectly ok with that. In fact, many of my favorite designs are quite traditional, often to a fault. But there are a few new cruising sailboats that have caught my eye and even made me scratch my head lately. It must be boat show season too, because I'm suddenly feeling like a sailing rag editor. Broadblue Rapier 550 At first glance, the Rapier 550 looks similar to many other large modern cruising cats, but trust me, this one is truly unlike any other. Look just a bit closer at the exterior and you'll see sharp reverse bows. This boat actually appears to have a shorter length-on-deck than the waterline length. You'll also probably notice a smallish cockpit with a large slider door into the main cabin. What you'll notice is conspicuously absent from the exterior is much of

Book Review: The Modern Cruising Sailboat by Charles Doane

Book Review The Modern Cruising Sailboat: A Complete Guide to its Design, Construction, and Outfitting   Winter is the time for Great Lakes sailors who haven’t pointed the bow south towards little latitudes to plan next season’s cruises, prepare the spring maintenance list, shop for boat upgrades, learn more about sailing and dream about their “next boat”. Books provide a great means for beginning all of these processes. The Modern Cruising Sailboat (International Marine 2009) by Charles Doane offers a wealth of information useful as a guide for beginning cruising sailors and as an authoritative and nearly comprehensive review for cruising veterans. While mostly directed at the cruising sailor, racers and day sailors will also likely find the book interesting. The book is well written with great illustrations and pictures. The first half of the book covers design and construction and is the most comprehensive at doing so that I’ve read in a book aimed at a cruising audien