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Be Found! Plastimo Inflatable Dan Buoy

"No one will go to the rescue of a drowning man if his cries are feeble." -Sri Sathya Sai Baba (an Indian guru) Man-overboard poles, or MOB poles, have been commonplace on sailboats for several decades. In fact, many races and offshore cruising rallies require a MOB pole as mandatory sailing gear  to register for an event. The idea is simple: Create an easily deployable device that makes finding someone who has fallen into the water easier even in high waves and low visibility. In other words, transform a drowning man's cry into an unmistakeable and powerful beacon. But stowing a 10' to 15' rigid pole can be troublesome, particularly if can't be mounted on the backstay.  Traditional rigid MOB pole Enter Plastimo's inflatable IOR Dan buoy... Plastimo's inflatable MOB buoy just before installing it on our stern rail This unique device attaches to a stern rail and has a torpedo shaped canister that can quickly be thrown into