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Water Wanderlust and the Cruiser's Spirit

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." - Martin Buber Nicely said, Martin.  If I always knew the destination, the journey wouldn't be nearly as exciting.  I guess that means my answer is "no" to the age-old question of "Would you choose to know your future if it was possible?". What's your answer? I've written plenty about why I sail , about having a cruiser's spirit , and about sailing induced self-reflection . Lately I've been pondering what it really means to be a cruiser and what drives a cruiser to sail on to the next anchorage or harbor. What is it that differentiates a cruising sailor from say, a racer or a liveaboard?  Racing sailors obviously love something about sailing, whether it be the mechanics or the competition. And those that call themselves liveaboards must also share my passion for a life in close connection with the water. But there's something that sets a cruiser apart.