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Let the Sun Shine - UV Skinz Sunwear Review

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air." -Ralph Waldo Emerson Emerson sums up a life on the water so simply.  For those who enjoy being on the water living in the sunshine, swimming in the sea, and drinking in the wild air is all part of the experience.  Sailing obviously entails plenty of time in the sun, particularly if you like the climate and warmth in the little latitudes like I do.  So if you're going to float and be on the water for any length of time, you'd better have good protection from the sun's UV rays.  Enter the line of clothing from UV Skinz . They have affordable and stylish clothes, or "Sunwear", that offer sun protection for the whole family.  But that's not entirely unique since many clothing brands offer swimshirts and UV protection.  What is unique is that UV Skinz focuses entirely on producing UPF50+ sunwear products.  I also appreciate their family focus and company foundation that didn't begin wit