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Gear Review: TaylorMade SuperGard Fenders

In a perfect cruiser's world, we'd all be either on passage or hanging out on the hook. Since we wouldn't be at the dock, there wouldn't be a need for fenders. But alas, being tied to one of the land's appendages is a reality we all face from time to time, and so I bring you a gear review featuring fenders. You might think all boat fenders are created equal, that choosing a specific brand/model of fender is trivial. But I've used undersized fenders, fenders made from hard plastic, and fenders that abrade and pick-up dirt and grime that gets transferred to your hull. When a boat fender ceases to provide protection for your boat and sometimes causes direct damage to your boat, then the issue is no longer trivial. TaylorMade SuperGard fenders guarding Island Bound 's new polish & wax I've recently switched my fenders to TaylorMade's SuperGard model . There are plenty of other choices on the market, many of which are cheaper, but you'll