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Gear Review: Solio Xcellerator + Hub Battery Pack

"Post nubila maxima, Phoebus." ("After the greatest clouds, the sun.") -Alan de Lille Is there anything in your life or mine so constant as the sun? It rises everyday regardless of season, clouds, rain, cold or any number of factors in our personal lives that bring out our own inconsistencies. Lately I've been witnessing the power and consistency of the sun in small doses. While we've yet to go "full cruiser mode" and install large solar panels on our sailboat, I am impressed with a few smaller, purpose-specific solar panels that help us meet energy demands while on the hook. One such product is the Xcellerator solar panel from Solio . This little solar panel (8.5" x 5.5" x 0.35") comes with a Hub battery pack that connects together via a USB cord (included) and stores enough energy to charge about 2 smartphones. Simply hook 'em up and set them in the sun to charge the Hub battery pack. My own experience shows that the