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Top Ten Most Inspirational Sailors

I originally planned to make a blog post about the “ 10 Best Sailors ” , but I quickly realized I ’ m in no way qualified to assemble such a list.   However, I can confidently say which famous sailors have most influenced and inspired my own life.   My list focuses on famous sailors known to many.   Truth be told, there are many more ordinary “ everyday Joe/Jane ” type sailors who have inspired me every bit as much as those in my list below, but they ’ ll be the topic of a future blog post.   And so, I present to you my personal list of the World ’ s Top Ten Most Inspirational Sailors.     10) Francis Chichester : The favored route around the world by cruisers today is by far the east-to-west "milk run" that roughly follows the trade winds near the equator.   Chichester instead sailed solo around the world from west-to-east in 1967, rounding all of the great capes (Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin, and Cape Horn) via the "clipper ship route".   Not only does t