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Bermuda Bound on the Duchess of Devonshire

The following is an email I recently received from Ted Brewer. This isn't this month's " Question of the Month with Ted Brewer " post (that's coming next week!), but I found it to be an interesting story and thought I'd share it. Email from Ted Brewer to "Kevin, I just read your blog about the tragedy of Triple Stars and it really brought back some memories. In '64 I was working for Bill Luders and we had designed a steel 45 foot sloop, the Matinee , for a Connecticut owner. The yacht was built in Germany and, after he saw the drawings and the Matinee , Sir Bayard Dill of Bermuda ordered a sistership. Just like a lady, the Duchess of Devonshire was late in arriving and, by the time we offloaded her from the freighter in New York, towed her up to Luders Marine in Stamford, Connecticut and commissioned her, the autumn was well along. Indeed it was a cold and blustery day in early November before we sailed from the yard, with f