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Top Ten Nautical Terms

When I first learned to sail I quickly realized that part of the process was learning a new language. To some, this is a major turn-off and can feel intimidating. To me, sailing terminology and nautical lore are all part of the appeal. The jargon makes sailing unique and more fun. Where else can I get away with telling my kids to "Do the two-six heave on the jib sheet before that whelkie overtakes us to starboard!" in my best grungy skipper voice? If you're into etymology , you know that many modern day English phrases have roots in sailing and Royal Navy history. In fact, I'm always amazed to learn how much maritime history has shaped the world, not just directly by way of discovering and claiming new lands, but indirectly by influencing the way we communicate with one another, even when far removed from a life at sea. And so, I present to you my list of Top Ten Coolest Nautical Terms . Some have interesting meanings, others a strange history and some I simply pr