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An Artist of Words, Wind and Women

"I’ve made my voyages to please and interest myself.  I’m glad that others read what I write; but I would have sailed as I have if no one else ever knew." - Webb Chiles I created this website, , to document my own growth as a sailor. Remembering where I came from and how I acquired a certain skill or memory is important to me and I've found is also sometimes of interest to others. A lot of the content on the website is my way of exploring the sailing lifestyle and examining the many different perspectives that make it so fascinating.  From time to time, I've brought in experienced voices to help me sort things out. For example, both Ted Brewer and Bob Perry have generously written guest posts here about bluewater sailboat design. In this particular post, I'm excited to share an interview I recently did with Webb Chiles, a well-known enigmatic sailing voyager who's completed 5 circumnavigations in a variety of sailboats spanning