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Best Sailing Blogs of 2013

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." -Benjamin Franklin That's a simple quote, but an arduous task. And of course, the meaning of "worth" changes among readers and writers. But if you're here at, I can safely assume sailing probably ranks high on your scale of things worth reading and worth doing. Below are the sailing related blogs that I've most enjoyed following during 2013. There are many more that I follow and countless others that are worthy of reading, but just as with years past , I've tried to narrow the field a bit. Some are very popular blogs and some will be new to you, but all benefit from writing and adventure that's outside the editorial constraints of magazines and other more traditional forms of written media. Notice also, I've included a selection of blogs to follow in the upcoming year. Many will be beginning new adventures in 2014. Enjoy! A sailing blogger'

The Best Sailing Blogs of 2012

"The sea is a great university of the story-telling art." -Norman Freeman I really enjoy writing content for . In fact, writing sailing related content is second only to time spent with my family and actual sailing in bringing me fulfillment. The more I write and the more I get to interact with readers, the more I find I'm inspired to continue writing. So thank you to my longtime readers, new readers who have started following my blog sometime during 2012, and to all those who comment and contact me. There's a lot of great bloggers in the sailing and cruising community and I also get a lot of inspiration and enjoyment out of reading their content. And so, this blog post is an attempt to recognize and thank some of my fellow sailing bloggers. If you read SailFarLiveFree via the webpage (as opposed to an RSS feed or email subscription), you're probably familiar with a lot of my favorite sailing bloggers from seeing them listed in my blog r