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Sleep tight, Island Bound!

It seems like just a month or so ago I was writing a very similar post about our sailboat being covered and ready for her winter hibernation.  Hard to believe it's actually been a whole year.  The cruising season goes by quicker the more miles you put beneath your keel and the longer you stay out.  Even with winter approaching (encroaching!) I've got plenty to keep me busy while the boat is on the hard.  There's planning for next season's cruising adventures, writing about this past season's adventures (been doing lots of that lately), Strictly Sail Chicago in January, reading, researching... Anyway, here's how s/v Island Bound will spend the winter:

Cozy and snug for winter

s/v Island Bound is now cozy and snug in her blue shrink wrap for the long winter in the Great Lakes. We simply used the boom for a tent from over the after section and the spinnaker pole (attached to the mast and bow pulpit) for a tent over the foredeck. I wish the marina would have made a couple of vents in the wrap for airflow, but I can always add them next time I'm over at the marina. Now that she's wrapped, the winter boating season has officially begun for the crew of Island Bound. We'll now commence with the dreaming, scheming and and planning for next year's cruising in the Great Lakes.