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How to Tell if You've Arrived at the Port of Mid-Life Crisis*

" The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. " -Henry David Thoreau I remember as a kid occasionally hearing adults mention the term "mid-life crisis".  Usually it was in reference to some 40-something balding male who just purchased a Corvette or quit his stable white-collar career to try his luck at professional fishing. I never knew what the term actually meant and I couldn't seem to identify any particular crisis. Corvettes are cool and fishing is fun, so what's the problem?  It finally hit me just the other day: A mid-life crisis begins the moment you realize the value of time. The REAL value of time, not the monetary value of time. That sounds simple, right? It's not. Let me explain. You see, I've known for a long while that society has trained us to trade our time for money. You've known that most of your adult life too. For example, if you're a skilled craftsmen, you know you can get X dollars for