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A Backstage Pass to The Sailing Podcast

"...I am trying to capture some of the stories that people have to tell about their journeys." - David Anderson from The Sailing Podcast If you're a regular reader of sailing blogs, you probably enjoy that most blogs share very personal perspectives that are unaltered by the editorial process of more traditional print media (magazines, etc.). Information from the blogosphere just feels real and often raw. Podcasts offer some of these same characteristics in an audio format. Unfortunately, sailing and the cruising lifestyle seem largely underrepresented in the podcast world.  However, thanks to the efforts of David Anderson from The Sailing Podcast , we all now have an excellent podcast dedicated to sailing life. David manages to produce a really informative show with very relevant topics and engaging guests, many of whom may be familiar as sailing bloggers. I recently contacted David and interviewed him in hopes of introducing you all to The Sailing Podcast and to