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Homeport, sweet Homeport

"Relatively speaking you make me who I am. I need you exactly like the ocean needs the land."   - John Denver (lyrics from Relatively Speaking ) Muskegon Lighthouse (by K. Walters) As much as I love being on the water, there's truth in John Denver's lyrics above - "the ocean needs the land". The contrast between soil and sea makes each come alive. You've probably read about a sailor's senses being awakened at the first whiff of land after a long passage. Even miles out to sea and hours or days away from landfall, our bodies sense the contrast. Land is a necessary component of sailing, even for those of us who enjoy the journeys more than the destinations. And so, I'm giving my homeport of Muskegon, Michigan some blog love. To the uniformed and many sailors and powerboaters alike, Muskegon is nothing more than a large, safe harbor from Lake Michigan's gales. You can exit the "big lake" through Muskegon's two outs

Picture This: An Opening to the Horizon

An Opening to the Horizon by K. Walters (The view off the bow while departing Muskegon's harbor) "...the narrow band of water that appears, in the first moments of departure, between the ship and the dock, designating two worlds." - James Salter from Burning the Days