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Looking for Affordable AIS? Here's a Few Low Cost Options

Automatic identification systems (AIS) have been catching on with recreational boaters and cruisers over the last several years.  While commercial ships have used the system for many years, the technology has been becoming more affordable for smaller private vessels.  If you haven't heard of AIS, it's essentially an automatic tracking system used to identify and locate vessels by digitally exchanging data with other nearby vessels and base stations.  Data often includes vessel position, heading, speed, destination, and a variety of other information.  AIS systems can't replace a good on-deck watch or radar for collision avoidance, but they do offer a reasonable supplement. AIS Overview from the International Maritime Organization As a recreational user, you have basically two options: 1) Purchase an AIS receiver that allows you to accept and view AIS data from other vessels , but does not transmit your own data; or 2) Purchase AIS equipment that allows you to rece