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The Lure of March

"I feel homesick for the sea, the desire to look again on the level expanse of salt water which has so often lulled me, which has smiled at me so frequently under the sparkling sunshine of a lovely day, which many times too has hurled the threat of death in my face with a swirl of white foam whipped by the wind under the dark December sky." - Joseph Conrad from The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad It's about this time every year that the winter doldrums seem to peak and I find myself enticed by the nearing of March. The voices in my head begin their annual chanting, "Must go sailing...Must see open water...Must gaze at blue skies..." And so I find an excuse to make my way to the beach, hopelessly hoping I'll find 80 degree breezes and feel sun-baked sand warming my sole (soul). But alas, February rears her head again. I admit (and  have before ) that winter, in all its' blustery chill and expanses of gray, has shown me beauty in an attempt to