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Big Funky Smells? Try Big Orange (For free!)

"When I said I liked a sea life, I did not mean to be understood as liking a merchant ship, with an airless cabin, and with every variety of disagreeable odor." - Frances Calderon De La Barca from Life in Mexico  (1843) referring to her experiences onboard the packet ship Norman . Frances seems to be voicing my opinions too, as I also like a sea life but not because of the odors that living in a confined space can sometimes produce. The fact is, cruising boats carry more than just their crew and associated gear between ports. Human waste is also along for the ride, presumably well-contained in a proper holding tank. But said waste tends to promote biotic growth and thereby some funky odors and bi-product gases. Invariably, the gases need to escape somewhere. A proper holding installation includes a vent to the exterior of the boat where the gases can exit and relieve tank pressure and mitigate the build-up of odor. However, sometimes the gases escaping carry with th