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Blowin' in the Wind: Speedtech WindMate 200 Review

When I first started sailing, I was easily seduced by the technology temptress.  If my budget would've allowed, my boat would have had a touch screen display for radar, gps, and satellite weather.  That screen would be flanked by some really cool individual speed, depth, and wind displays.  Most likely, these would be the  solar powered and wireless displays from TackTick .  But my dinghy-size budget said "No!" to TackTick and so instead I opted for the handheld WindMate 200 wind meter from SpeedTech. The WindMate 200 features a large digital display and sturdy construction.  It's pocket-sized with a cover plate that easily swings to the side when in use.  Obviously the unit will display windspeed, but it will also give you air temperature, wind chill, and digital compass readouts.  In addition to realtime/current windspeed, you'll also have the option of seeing the average over 10 seconds as well as the maximum speed.  All windspeed readouts are available in m