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Deck Shoes or Dive Boots? Zhik ZK Boatshoe Review

If you're at all familiar with footwear for sailing from Zhik , their line of boots probably comes to mind first. But they also make a couple styles of deck shoes. I've recently been trying out the Zhik ZK Boatshoe and have to say, so far I'm impressed. The look of the ZK Boatshoe is fairly traditional (think Sperry Topsider/Sebago Docksides), but the build and materials are unique. Instead of canvas or leather, Zhik uses perforated neoprene for the uppers. The neoprene gives a snug and spongey feel and holds your foot firmly in place over the sole, but the upper stretches and contorts to your movements. I know that sounds strange, but it's actually really comfortable. The "ZK sole" uses a proprietary rubber formula to give excellent grip in wet conditions. It's a sticky sort of feel and is really reassuring on fiberglass and smooth surfaces. I'm not sure how long they'll stay sticky, particularly if I continue wearing them on the dock and o