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Sailing App Review: Theodolite HD for iPad

Sailing apps are finally starting to become numerous in the Apple App Store so recently I've been experimenting with Theodolite.  You check here , here , and here for more of my sailing app reviews.  Theodolite is a multi-function app (for iPad/iPhone) that can serve as a compass, GPS, zoom camera, rangefinder and two-axis inclinometer. The basic premise behind the app is that realtime GPS position and bearing information is potentially useful when overlaid on the iPad's live camera image. There are also options for several different reticles and screen lenses, including a couple of "night vision" lenses. Typical Theodolite screen image Perhaps the most useful tool for sailing is the rangefinder function which can be used to calculate distance, height, heading and bearing using algebraic equations and triangulation. Need to quickly estimate the distance to a landmark such as a lighthouse? Assuming you know the height of the lighthouse from your charts, you can b