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The Good Life

I've recently been reading a couple of books, both of which share a common thread: The Good Life Parable.  Mark Albion, a dreamer and writer from Harvard Business School, asks "Questions Every MBA Needs to Answer" in his book titled More Than Money . He also shares a story of an MBA who meets a Mexican fisherman that he calls "The Good Life Parable". I first ran across "The Good Life Parable" in an eBook titled Sail the Seven Seas of Freedom by Captain Rob Lee. Lee uses Albion's parable to kick off his book on the way to telling us how to live the pirate lifestyle on the high seas in a modern world. Both books are worth a read, but the Good Life Parable is an excellent highlight from both. You can check out the animated narration of the parable in the YouTube video below or read the parable yourself at the bottom of this post. Here at Sail Far Live Free, I try to promote reaching for your dreams and making the cruising lifestyle a reality.  Lis