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Question of the Month with Designer Ted Brewer (#1)

This month I asked Ted to tell me about some of his all-time favorite sailboats that he personally designed. What follows is Ted's first response (more to follow soon!). One of My Three Favorite Designs: Mystic  (By Ted Brewer) In the autumn of 1965 I was working at Luders Marine in Stamford, Conn. when Marvyn Carton, a New York investment banker, asked if I would be interested in designing his new yacht.  At the time he owned a sister ship to Irving Johnson’s Yankee II, the 50 foot, steel, centre cockpit, shoal draft, centerboard motorsailer ketch that Johnson had built after he gave up operating his famous world cruises aboard the brigantine Yankee .  Marvyn’s new yacht was also to be a motorsailer, similar in style, but 6 feet longer, with 2 feet more draft and a centerboard. He wanted a pilot house as well as a wheel on the poop, akin to an old clipper ship! Also, it was to be aluminum construction to reduce weight for better performance. Mystic 's sailplan Ma