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A Bird's Eye View

"You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky." - Amelia Earhart I love looking at boats. Whether they be sailboats, rowboats, toy boats, powerboats or really any other floating contraption, I'm smitten. You'll often see me walking away from the dock or taking the dinghy to shore with my neck craned back, soaking in the boaty views. But I've never seen the shadow of our sailboat from the sky so I'm using this opportunity (and the winter doldrums) to cobble together a kite camera rig in hopes of getting some really cool and lofty kite cam sailing videos like this one .  I initially thought building a rig suitable of attaching a camera to a kite would be easy, but I didn't anticipate the importance of stability. Both times I've flown my prototype rig were wintery, windy days which accentuated shifty movements and made the video footage dizzying to say the least.  Here's a sample of what I've got so far (If

Trying to Reason with Blizzard Season

 Snow blob  We finally got some accumulating snow here in the Great Lakes , which has got me looking at pictures and videos from sailing seasons gone by. Multimedia has a remarkable way of changing my mental climate like a fast approaching low pressure system out on the water.  So to contrast the first picture and give myself and excuse to try out iMovie for iOS on the iPad, I whipped up the following video.  Take a quick one minute sail aboard  Island Bound ...