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Gear Review: Nicro Day/Night Plus Solar Vent Fan

I have always had a Nicro solar vent fan on my forward hatch for keeping moisture down, preventing mold, and reducing bilge/head odors. Recently the battery on the old Nicro 2000 quit on me so I replaced it with a new Nicro Day/Night Plus vent fan. The new Day/Night Plus model moves more air, comes with interchangeable intake and exhaust fan blades and an on/off switch, and&nbsp has a shut-off damper for use in rough seas. If you're only installing one vent fan, Nicro recommends using the exhaust blade. In my particular installation, the exhaust fan draws air in through my louvered companionway hatchboard and circulates it through the cabin where it then exits through the vent fan above the vee berth. The new vent fan has the same 4" diameter cut-out size but a larger on-deck footprint and a greater depth so I had to have a custom riser pad fabricated to create clearance. Alan from Cesany Plastics in Oakland Park, Florida promptly cut and shipped me a custom black Star