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What's in a name? (My thoughts on boat names)

"What's in a name? That which we call a boat by any other name would sail as sweet." -My adaptation from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet It's no secret that many of us feel a very personal connection to our boats. They have personalities and character that often reflect their owner's good and bad attributes. When I read the name on a boat I often wonder what the inspiration was. Other times I simply wonder, "What were they thinking!?" Evidently, sometimes they weren't thinking at all. There are quirky boat names like the sailboat called Hot Ruddered Bum . Others are strangely embarrassing like the powerboat I saw named Helmroid . And some make you think a bit before you get the name, like Never Again II . BoatUS releases a "top ten most popular boat names" list every year based on orders they receive for vinyl boat name graphics. Usually the names aren't all that imaginative, as you might expect from some of the most