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A Peek at Two Small-ish Deck Saloons

"The brain size of people who see big dreams is the same as yours." -Vineet Raj Kapoor It's not the size of your brain, but rather how you choose to use it.  To put that quote in simple boat terms, not all boats of the same length are created the same.  Length on deck is one thing, but interior volume and clever design are another altogether. It wasn't so long ago that deck saloon designs were almost exclusively reserved for large cruising boats and even when they weren't, the proportions often looked off on anything smaller than 45 feet in length.  But what's the appeal of a deck saloon anyway?  Probably the most obvious is a flood of natural light to the cabin because of the raised saloon wrapped in windows that provides 360 degrees of viewing pleasure. There's also a nice single level flow from the cockpit into the cabin (Moody calls this "living on one level") like you'd find on most cruising catamarans. The deck saloon structure i