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A Whale of a Tale to Tell

Got a whale of a tale to tell ya, lads A whale of a tale or two 'Bout the flappin' fish and the girls I've loved On nights like this with the moon above A whale of a tale and it's all true I swear by my tattoo -Lyrics from the Disney movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Have you ever wondered what it's really like being 'out there'?  What it's like to cruise long distances to far away places? Can it really be that different than the daysailing and local cruising we do near our home ports? You need only ask for a few salty stories from veteran bluewater cruisers to get the answers. The following story is one I recently first read on one of my favorite blogs, Sailing Wondertime . The crew of s/v Wondertime (Michael, Sara and their two young daughters) started their adventure across the Pacific in Seattle and are currently enroute from the tiny island nation of Niue to Tonga and eventually New Zealand. I've greatly enjoyed following their journey and b