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Power on the Go: Jackery Explorer 300 Portable Power Station Review

Having backup electrical power is a necessity for my peace of mind while on the water.  A large housebank of batteries, solar panels, and wind generators are all potential solutions, but perhaps the easiest and one of the most cost effective alternatives are lithium ion portable power stations such as the Jackery Explorer 300 .  Charging phones, powering fans, and even running my onboard hardwired battery charger are all common uses for our little Jackery. The thing that makes the Jackery Explorer more than just a large capacity (293Wh) lithium ion battery pack and really useful away from shorepower is the built-in sine wave inverter with two 300W (500W peak/surge) AC outlets. Running a fan at night or just topping off the housebank without starting the gasoline powered generator are nice options.  There's also a 60W USB-C input/output port, 2 USB-A output ports, and a 12V car outlet.  I've found that charging the Jackery 300 with a wall outlet is fairly quick and in line with