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Question of the Month with Designer Ted Brewer (#3)

If you've been following lately, you know that Ted Brewer has graciously been sharing some very interesting and educational content in response to my question asking him to name some of his favorite personal designs.  What follows below is what Ted shared with me about his Goderich 35 design (often also called the Huromic 35).  If you need to catch up on Ted's previous responses in this blog series, check here  and here . Goderich 35  ( Huromic 35 ) by Ted Brewer The Goderich 35 is a rather straight forward, double headsail cruising sloop (some will call it a cutter), and may seem a strange choice to be one of my three favorite designs, but when you consider that two of them circumnavigated the globe the hard way, below the Cape of Good Hope, Australia and Cape Horn, you may begin to understand my reasons. But more about that later. Goderich/Huromic 35 Sail plan By 1976 I'd had a fair bit of experience in metal yachts including several