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Racing Towards Insanity: The Vendee Globe

If you've been following for long, you know my interests and passion are for cruising and exploration rather than racing and speed. I've spent a season crewing on a race team, but I did so to learn about sail trim and to see the other side of sailing rather than to scratch some competitive itch or see how far to the right I could get the knotmeter needle to point. However, if you're a fan of sailboat racing, there are a ton of huge events that have occurred over the last several months ( Volvo Ocean Race ) or will take place in the very near future ( America's Cup ). But the only sailing race I really pay attention to is the Vendee Globe . The Vendee Globe is more than a race, it's a non-stop solo adventure around the world the hard way. In fact, it's the ONLY non-stop single-handed 'round the world race (the VELUX 5 is raced in stages with stops in between). I personally think this race is for the insane and ranks in my book as the m