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4 Simple Questions with Sailboat Designer Chuck Paine

"A designer must study the essentials of what is beautiful in yachts, and work these ideals into any design he draws whether blonde or brunette, transom stern or pointed, power or sail." - Chuck Paine This post is the first in a series I'm putting together to help give myself some new perspectives on cruising sailboats from the design pros. In the series, I'll be asking well-known yacht designers to answer 4 questions. Follow along with the series and learn a bit about what makes these designers tick and the intricacies of such things as the tradeoffs for sailboats between form and function. Here are my questions for the designers: 1) Sum up your sailboat design philosophy in a few sentences. 2) What's one of your personal favorite sailboats that you designed and why? 3) Is there a sailboat design and/or designer that inspired your own work or career? 4) Is it more difficult to design a sailboat that looks good or sails good? For this particular post,