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An Interview with Andy Schell from 59-North

“Offshore, it’s all about expectations. If you expect life onboard to be like life at home, you won’t enjoy it and you probably won’t be successful at creating it. It’s supposed to be an adventure, so treat it like such.”   –Andy Schell I started to document and share my passion for sailing, but also as a tool to help me grow and learn as a sailor. This is one of those blog posts where I get to sit back and learn from a pro, literally a sailing professional. I’m pleased to present an interview I recently did with Andy Schell from . For those of you who don’t know Andy, he has connected his passion for sailing with a career. Andy and his wife Mia help organize and manage cruising rallies, perform yacht deliveries, and offer ocean passage/crewing opportunities. Andy also produces an excellent sailing podcast ( 59 North podcast ) and is currently a Contributing Editor for SAIL Magazine.     I want to say THANKS up front to Andy for taking time t