Shady Sailing: Sunday Afternoon's Cruiser Hat

"Live your life, do your work, then take your hat." - Henry David Thoreau

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference on the water. Take for example the Cruiser Hat from Sunday Afternoons. It's just an outback style hat (Seen lots of those before!) but it's light weight, breathability and sun  protection will have your neck, face and eyes thanking you when you slip below to the cabin at night. While none of that is necessarily new for wide brimmed hats, at less than $40 it's a real bargain compared with some of the other sun hats you might be familiar with that are suitable for sailing.

I've been wearing mine this spring and almost always forget that it's even on because it's so light and airy. Another cool feature: The insides of the brim (3" front/sides, 4" on back) are foam, so the hat floats if you forget to use the chinstrap during your next windy sailing adventure. I also like that it packs flat without losing it's shape so it's easy to store in the limited space of a boat cabin.

If you're looking for an early Father's Day gift or just want to add a little shade to your summer sailing, the Cruiser Hat should fit the bill.
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  1. There is nothing worse than rain running down the back of your neck when you have to stand out in the cockpit. That is why I have my trusted wide brimmed hat.. it stops it completely. On the other hand it keeps the sun off as well

  2. Ahoy,

    Looks like a well thought out and constructed hat - like many others. But, is it designed for marina lounging and cantina hopping or bluewater sailing?

    Let me explain. All of the similar hats that I've tried from the inexpensive to the expensive (a T-name comes to mind) suffer from bow-brim blow up when headed to weather or facing the wind. In anything above a mild breeze, the brim flips up exposing the face to sun and rain.

    None provide shade to windward - does this one?

    s/v Ferrity


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