Pooped? Get AquaCharged!

1. (nautical verb) To take a wave over the stern
2. (adjective) To quit because of exhaustion

If you've got water to bail because your boat was pooped, or if you're pooped from bailing water, this review is for you.

This summer has been exceptionally dry, which means I've spent relatively little time pumping out rainwater that accumulates in the dinghy. Normally I'll arrive at the boat for a week or weekend of sailing and find several inches of water in the dinghy. All is dry after about 10 minutes with a handpump, coffee can and sponge. That is, until this summer and the arrival of AquaCharge rechargeable and portable water pump. Now pumping the dinghy is as simple as setting the AquaCharge in the dinghy and flipping a switch. It's fully submersible, so you can just plunge it down into the water, even if you've got several inches to pump out. The only drawback I've found so far is that you'll still need a sponge to completely finish the job since the AquaCharge has a plastic filtering grate protecting the bottom of the pump so a tiny bit of water still remains.

The AquaCharge pump is another one of those devices that you'll wonder why you didn't have years ago once you see how simple and effective it is. This little portable and cordless pump is capable of pumping 50 gallons of water in less than 10 minutes and can pump up to 200 gallons on a single charge. The unit comes with it's own rechargeable battery that charges on both 110V and 12V systems. It also comes with 8' of hose so you can route the discharge water wherever you want it.

Look close, see all the water in the dink?
AquaCharge to the rescue!
My primary use for the AquaCharge is bailing my dinghy, but it's also potentially useful in many other situations:
  • Dewatering compartments in your boat that don't drain to the bilge
  • Emergency backup bilge pump
  • Bailing kayaks, canoes, etc.
  • Icebox/baitwell bailing
  • Dewatering a flooded boat cover
  • Hot tub and aquarium water changes
  • Draining clogged sinks, toilets, and wet basements at home
You can see the pump in action in this video:


  1. I was pooped sailing my Laser last weekend at BBR but I've decided the answer is to get fitter and take energy gels with me on the water.


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